What do you get when you cross a 1950s-era schoolhouse with cutting-edge technology? You get Winfield Elementary School, which is currently using iPad technology in its classrooms. The iPads are providing students and teachers with tools that are both modern and efficient. This includes things like lesson plans, class materials, and even student attendance records. Not only is the iPad technology efficient, but it’s also affordable. And since the school district can reap the benefits of the tech for years to come, it’s an investment that is definitely worth making.

The School’s Background

The Winfield Elementary School was first established in 1883 on a site donated by the townspeople. The current building was erected in 1912, and has undergone several renovations since then. The school currently has a total of 388 students in grades K-5. The school offers a variety of programs, including traditional academics and special education services. The staff at Winfield Elementary is dedicated to providing an outstanding educational experience for its students.

The School’s Mission and Vision

The mission of Winfield Elementary School is to provide a quality education for all students. The Vision of the school is to be a community partner that supports and enhances the educational experiences of all students.

The School’s Curriculum

The Winfield Elementary School curriculum is designed to provide students with a balanced education that prepares them for future success. The school offers a variety of classes and programs to meet the needs of each student, including:

-Kindergarten through third grade: This level offers instruction in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and art.

-Fourth grade through sixth grade: This level offers instruction in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and computer technology.

– Seventh through eighth grade: This level offers instruction in reading, writing, math, science*, social studies** and foreign language. *Science will include mathematics and the physical sciences **Social Studies will include American history and government

The School’s Staff

The Winfield Elementary School staff is composed of dedicated professionals who work together to provide a quality educational experience for the students. 

The School’s Facilities

The Winfield Elementary School has a variety of facilities that are perfect for its students. The school’s library contains more than 7,500 books and magazines, as well as an electronic media center with dozens of DVDs and CDs to choose from. There is also a computer lab with several high-powered computers for student use. In addition, the school has a gymnasium that can accommodate up to 500 students at one time. The cafeteria also has ample seating for students and staff, as well as a kitchen that is able to serve hundreds of meals per day. Finally, the school has two playgrounds—one for younger children and one for older ones—that are both heavily used.


Winfield Elementary School is a great school! They are constantly working to improve their program, and they do an amazing job of putting the needs of their students first. The teachers are terrific, and the administration is always willing to help out when needed. I highly recommend Winfield Elementary School!

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